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Making Herbal Oils at Home Using the Sous Vide Machine
Herbal oils have been prepared since the ancient times. They were also used as a medical product for the external application as diet and for internal uses too. Amongst the oldest and most famous is the herbal oil from Saint John s wort, which was discovered by the ancient Roman civilisation 400 years ago. It had amazing medicinal qualities which were highly valued by the ancient people. The oil from the s western part of the plant was more valued as it had a strong smell and it had a sweet taste as well. The oil has now been used to treat a wide range of diseases including skin disorders, wounds, inflammation, urinary problems and gastric disorders.

Herbal oils can be made into essential oils by using certain methods. Extracted oils are ground down and then mixed with carrier oils such as almond, sesame, jojoba and grapeseed. The resultant mixture is then extracted through various means depending on the nature of the oil. These include cold expression, hot method and cold pressing. The hot method is used to extract the oil from green leaves while cold press is used to extract oils from herbs and spices.

The extract is then filtered to remove any particles and dust. A third method called transesterification is used to transform the vegetable oil into a gel form. This is done by adding alcohol. All these processes help to remove all traces of herbals from the herbal oils. After this, these extracts are put through a heat sterilizer to remove any other foreign material.

To make the oil more effective for your skin, you can use a sous-vide machine. The sous-vide machine uses high heat to sterilize the leaves and to remove the water or moisture from the herbals. This ensures that the herbal oils stay sterile and fresh. The heat source is maintained for a specific period of time during which the herbal oils remain in suspension. This also helps to keep the skin soft.

While using an herbal oil for treating skin, it is important to note that you must apply it only on dry skin. The oils will be very effective if they contain all the essential ingredients. You must make sure that you are applying the right blend of ingredients to get the best results and to keep your skin fresh and beautiful.

Making oil using the sous-vide machine or making herbal oils with the help of a sous-vide machine will ensure freshness and potency of your ingredients. Another important step in making the oils is the addition of water. However, you must ensure that you add water only to the extent that it becomes just wet enough to be able to absorb the ingredients. If the water bath is too hot, then the herbs may turn bitter. Water baths are best used for treating eczema and are easy to make at home.

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